Top 5 Mistakes made in Social Media-DO NOT READ unless you’re ready to change?

You’ve taken the big step and set up your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account.  You’ve filled out your profile so that it best presents you and your business.  You’ve decided who your target market is and you’re beginning to listen and engage.  There are a few simple lessons you can learn now so you don’t repeat the mistakes that so many people make when getting up and running on social media sites.  Here are the TOP 5 MISTAKES made in Social Media.  Most users make these mistakes at one time or another but if you can make the change now and correct them before you get too involved, you’ll be much more effective and your results will show it.

MISTAKE #1 Sharing rambling thoughts or mundane things you’re doing

Be succinct and your content will be read by more people.  Stick with really compelling content and your work will be shared.  This cannot be over emphasized.

MISTAKE #2 No specific goals

Each marketing strategy needs a corresponding set of tactics.  These tactics need to be measured to gauge their success.  So determine what you want to accomplish prior to diving in and you’ll be sure to achieve your goals whether they be new leads, more press, lowering customer service costs, added sales or many other business metrics.  With the goal set forth, confirm what you will measure to prove that you have indeed exceeded your goals and objectives.

MISTAKE #3 Not having a distinct voice

So many companies have made this mistake and continue to do so.  A company has no voice of its own.  It needs one defined by a particular player within the organization.  Be that the CEO or VP Marketing or PR Director; make sure that his or her personality shines through as well as the company culture.  Don’t forget to be charismatic because that will ensure that others will want to hear more about your blogs, tweets, status updates and ultimately your company fan page or web site.  Be a thought leader, not just a link sharer.  Add your thoughts about information that you are sharing.

MISTAKE #4 No funnel in place

Social Media Marketing is about driving traffic into a central place and getting prospects into your sales funnel.  It can be your Blog, Web Site or Landing pages but you’ve got to be focused on a call to action that captures important information so you can start the lead nurturing process.

MISTAKE # 5 No SEO plan in place

Most people underestimate the value of how social media activity can improve natural search results.  Social media marketing is very important to improving your search ranking but remember that just including a link to your web site will not give you the optimal results.  You’ll need to evaluate your keywords carefully and make sure to embed them in your profiles, status updates and content.

If you can manage to not make these 5 mistakes, you will be better off than most people using social media for business.  In addition, things are changing quickly so be sure to stay educated.  Social media training is available at all levels and can allow you to save time and money while delivering better results and social media ROI.

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  1. Kevin Jackson says:

    Very good points! These are easy mistake to make and they are not only made in social media circles but too many websites also make the same mistakes: Rambling, not getrting to the point, no specific goal, copying the “me too” crowd – we can’t all be “world wide leaders”, No sales funnel or compelling reason to download, click, link or call. Great post!!

  2. Thanks ! you have make very good points.

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