WARNING: Have You Been Sucked Into Social Media?

Getting lost or sucked into the social space can be a business professional’s worst nightmare! While Social Media can be very beneficial for ones business it can be a two edged sword. Costing you thousands of dollars of lost “time”. So how do you effectively manage your time with Social Media? Here are some tips.

  1. Just like any business plan, identify your goals with Social Media such as brand advocacy, brand awareness, lead generation, sales, website traffic, etc…
  2. Now that you know your goals, identify the time you need to set aside each day to achieve these goals.
  3. Create measurables to better understand your efforts. Which in turn helps you better refine your Social Media Plan. Measurables can be such things at web traffic, lead generation, sales, brand recognition, etc… all which can be measured.
  4. Remember to keep the main thing, the main thing. It is way to easy to get sucked into little social trails that result in nothing but lost time.

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