Can a business maintain client confidentiality using Social Media?

So can a business maintain client confidentiality using Social Media? The answer I believe is YES.

I will share just a few areas on how you can accomplish this.

1.        If you are looking to create a client community on a specific social platform such as LinkedIn.  Make the group private by only approving the members you want in the group and list the group as private.

Bonus: Why would you want a private client community?  Hello! So you can market to them while there in the social space, increasing customer share.

2.       In regards to recommendations, maybe it would be best not to ask some of your key accounts to write you a recommendation for your social platforms.  This way your competition can’t farm your profile.  Which brings up point number three?

3.       Profile settings, you definitely do not want to show your complete profile nor the groups you maybe a member of along with the complete profile viewing ability of your connections profiles from other inquiring eyes.

These are three simple tips that can help keep a clients information confidential and keep your wallet full of cash.

So what are some ways you work to keep your clients information private on the social platforms?

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