How to Do Status Updates for Your Business

Status Updates in social media can be confusing if you think as a professional that you have to be extremely personal with your updates.

“You don’t have to tell everyone about what pizza you are eating to grow your business”

Here are four tips to help get the most of your status updates that will drive results for your business.

1.       1.  Be authentic: You don’t have to tell everyone about what pizza you are eating, but you do need to be human.

2.      2.  Use your current business questions or qualifiers to engage.  For example some of your typical qualifying questions can be posted.  Often times you will see people respond, which then can turn into a warm lead.

3.       3.  Drive people to landing pages or website pages with calls to actions in your status updates.

4.       4.  When providing URL’s in your updates use URL shortner’s such as so you can both shrink the URL (saves character space) and keep track of your click through results from specific status updates.

There are countless tips available on how to perfect status updates for your business.  My goal today was to help businesses & professionals beginning to get some initial results. So what have you found helpful in your status updates?

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