How to Give Your Social Profile the Power of Magnetic Attraction

The difference between success and failure when using social media starts with your profile.  2011 is predicted to be The Year of Social Search.  The growth of social search (searching on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) has eclipsed the projections in size and speed.  This means you need to ensure that you build a strong foundation.  Your profile is the basis of how people get to know you in the social media circles.  By doing this, it will ensure that you are found when your prospects are looking for you, your business or what your business has to offer.

Think about this for just a moment: Twitter search gets more than 1 billion queries per day— roughly 31 billion per month. That’s more search queries in a month than Yahoo and Bing combined. Oct. 2010


What is a magnetic profile? First you need get found so your profile must be optimized for your keywords and then you need to have a compelling profile that engages prospects and brings them in to get to know you.  The ultimate goal is to have these prospects reach out to connect with you so don’t forget to make sure it is easy to connect with you.

Follow These 3 Critical Steps:

First Add your keywords.  There are very important locations on the different platforms to add keywords.  On LinkedIn in particular, make sure your job titles and specialties include your keywords.

Second You never get a second chance to make a first impression so think twice on which photo to upload.  Make it a memorable picture capturing the essence of who you are.

Third Draft an engaging headline.  This will be the first thing people see when you are found in social search and will make a huge difference on whether you get offers to connect and do business.

Why is it so important to optimize your profile? Without optimization, you won’t get found.  You’ll be just like the hundreds of millions of people out there that do not see the return on investment from their social media activity.  Everyone is so busy these days and we are all on overload so it becomes even more important to be found at the top of social search and to stand out with an engaging profile.  Building a strong foundation allows you to achieve many other social media goals so invest wisely and get optimized.  Then and only then will you have the Power of Magnetic Attraction.

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