Three Reasons Why All B2B Companies Should Be Blogging

I was recently reading an article by Chris Brogan and in the process of watching the engagement of comments Chris commented and asked the question:  “Is their anytime a company shouldn’t have a blog?”

I thought this was a great question and it’s obvious to me that each reason why a company shouldn’t have a blog can easily be overcome with better reasons why they should. Below you will find three very good reasons your company should have a blog.

1. Establish your company as the Industry Leader when people search for information about your vertical. For those leading their industry, blogging will help you maintain that competitive edge. Quick Stat- over 25% of the information results on search engines is of user generated content i.e. “blogs”.

2. Allows your prospects to engage. Over 80% feel better about a company who has a online “presence”, not just a website.

3. Drives organic traffic to your sales funnel. Each article you write has associated with it specific keyword content that will allow your prospects to find you. If the website is SEO-d correctly.


  1. Just curious, will you determine the number of points just through
    pingback? Or do you personally check every blogs to see which posts they
    are voting? Some blogging platform (including mine) are suck in
    tracking ping back

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