LinkedIn Strategy: The 7 Phases of a LinkedIn Master Strategic Plan

In some recent conversations I have found myself challenged by top business people as to why they should enter the LinkedIn space. They have said to me statements such as, “LinkedIn is for job seekers, spammers, and marketers. I have no interest in it.” Now, please understand I am not in business to change people’s […]

Social Media ByPassing The GateKeeper

Business Development, Telemarketing, and Sales professionals battle everyday to find ways to get past the gatekeeper.  In the emerging market of Social Media many professionals are leaving this untapped opportunity on the table. Social Media has eliminated the gatekeeper in most cases.  How long will this window remain open know one knows, but it’s open. […]

50 Power Twitter Tips

Intent (Human Artist) Don’t read EVERY tweet. It’s perfectly okay. You have permission. Follow anyone who follows you (and unfollow spammers/jerks). Promote other people 12x to every 1 self-promotional tweet. Build lists to watch people who matter to you more closely. Retweet the good stuff from others. Sharing is caring. A lot of @replies shows […]

How Social Media Has Changed B2B Marketing

When it comes to business development and marketing it has become more complex and costly in prospect acquisition.  Companies are now awaking to using Social Media in not just B2C, but are realizing its potential in B2B. Here are some of ways social media has changed B2B Marketing. Client Prospecting– can now been done affordably through […]

Seven Top Tips for LinkedIn Success

This article is taken and updated from my article last year “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful LinkedIn Members”. So what makes a highly successful Linkedin member? Here is what I have discovered as not only habits, but also “secrets” of the treasure chest on Linkedin. 1. They invest their time strategically by putting fresh […]