How Social Media Has Changed B2B Marketing

When it comes to business development and marketing it has become more complex and costly in prospect acquisition.  Companies are now awaking to using Social Media in not just B2C, but are realizing its potential in B2B.

Here are some of ways social media has changed B2B Marketing.

Client Prospecting– can now been done affordably through such platforms as LinkedIn & Twitter.  In order to get to your B2B prospect via Facebook companies are looking at more costly prospect acquisition cost.

Customer Share– social media allows you to now due blanket marketing to an existing customer in multiple touch points with many employees being engaged in social media. Thus, allowing you the ability to influence increases in customer share.

Sales Funnels– social media allows you to build your own exclusive online communities built around industry topics, specific interest, or organizations.  Through this exclusive community ability you can manage them within your own sales funnel as long as you own or create the community. In turn, allowing you to message your entire community as owner of the community.

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