The Importance of LinkedIn Groups for Your Business

Can LinkedIn Groups grow your business? The answer is Yes, LinkedIn Groups can have significant impact on your business “if” you take the time to master all the resources that is within in them. Here is a short list of key items within LinkedIn Groups that can help grow your business. First the LinkedIn Groups […]

How Effective Can LinkedIn Be for Your Business?

Many professionals are asking “How affective can LinkedIn be for my business?” The answer is in most cases very effective. These are just some of the things you can accomplish using LinkedIn. 1. Secure Expert Advise- minus the initial consulting fees. This can be accomplished using LinkedIn’s Answer section by posting your questions within specific […]

Learn Who is Viewing Your Profile on LinkedIn

Who Has Viewed My Profile? What is the ‘Who has viewed my profile’ module? This is a list of the people who’ve recently viewed your profile. Many times instead of seeing exactly who viewed your profile, you’ll see anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title. As a profile owner it is understandable that you […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Companies on LinkedIn

So you’re exploring the best practices of LinkedIn for your company or business? Learn how to effectively position yourself on LinkedIn with these seven strategies. 1. Their corporate profile is optimized properly. The first sentence in the description is written well for others to derive what you do in that first sentence. Your Corporate Profile […]

Five People You Should Follow on LinkedIn

If you were to follow five key people on LinkedIn who could potentially have the most affect on your professional efforts who would they be?  I have attempted to create a short list along with the reason of why to follow them.  Follow these people; study their habits, and how they interact.  Ask the questions […]

TOP TEN Social Media ACTION Words

Are you taking ACTION?  Here are the TOP TEN Social Media ACTION Words defined Social Media is about how we connect and interact with each other and with brands online.  Most of you are familiar with the social media Trifecta: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  There are many other tools to integrate into your social repertoire.  […]

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

So how do you capitalize on the power of Social Media promoting your business on Facebook?  While Facebook seems extremely social rather than professional, make no mistake your professional decision makers are on Facebook. Here is a short list to begin to consider promoting your business or company on Facebook. 1.       Join & interact with […]

LinkedIn Status Updates- Tips for Success

Can LinkedIn status updates be effective for your business? I believe the answer is YES. I think it comes down to understanding a few best practices that I have discovered over the last couple of years.  These are just a few of the top tips for success using LinkedIn status updates. 1.       Post updates Monday […]

Am I Still a Believer in LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn as been an amazing asset for my business and more specifically the ability to interact with my target market and peers within LinkedIn groups.  Even with all the recent changes I still find significant value in LinkedIn Groups. These are just some of the reasons I still find value with the groups. 1.       LinkedIn […]

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