How to Give Your Social Profile the Power of Magnetic Attraction

The difference between success and failure when using social media starts with your profile.  2011 is predicted to be The Year of Social Search.  The growth of social search (searching on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) has eclipsed the projections in size and speed.  This means you need to ensure that you build a strong foundation.  Your […]

Essential Tools for Companies Using Social Media

Companies getting started in Social Media are looking for tools to help streamline their efforts and workforce.  So we have put together a short list of tools that can help B2B companies in their marketing efforts. Salesforce A web based CRM, Salesforce has led all CRM companies in integrating Social Media to its platform. Some […]

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If Social Media Makes You Sick Take this Medicine

I am sick of social media, burnt out, and tired. This is something I hear often when people are new to social media marketing.  So here is my diagnosis and prescription to make you feel better and get real results. The Diagnosis You are trying to do too much, with too little time and too […]

3 Challenges to Managing Your Brand Online

Companies taking a serious look at using Social Media are facing key internal challenges to their efforts.  This is just a short list, but these are ones I find in my discussions with executives on a weekly basis. Measurable How do we measure social media?  In other words how can justify using social media as […]

Keywords are KING: How to write keyword rich copy

Keywords are KING: How to write keyword rich copy So you’re writing your blog or filling out your profile or doing a status update on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. It’s 2:00 PM…do you know where your keywords are? It’s one thing to write compelling copy but it’s an entirely different thing to write copy that […]

Can a business maintain client confidentiality using Social Media?

So can a business maintain client confidentiality using Social Media? The answer I believe is YES. I will share just a few areas on how you can accomplish this. 1.        If you are looking to create a client community on a specific social platform such as LinkedIn.  Make the group private by only approving the […]

How to Do Status Updates for Your Business

Status Updates in social media can be confusing if you think as a professional that you have to be extremely personal with your updates. “You don’t have to tell everyone about what pizza you are eating to grow your business” Here are four tips to help get the most of your status updates that will […]